1. No flaming or personal attacks. Disagreeing with someone is totally fine, just so long as you keep it sivvle. This rule also applies to things such as drama, name calling, descrimination of race, gender or anything else that could fall under that same cattagory. Basically, keep it nice, settle potentially heated matters off the forum or in a calm and orderly manner if on forum, and you'll be fine. 2. Cracks. Under no sercomstances what so ever will the discussion of cracks ever be allowed here. As well as protecting ourselves from potential legal trouble later on, when it comes to audiogames, CJM productions respects the amount of time and effert required to make an audiogame, and givven how small the market is, every little bit of money counts. 3. posting. When making a post on the forum, please always make sure you're post is in the correct sub forum or room. If in dout you can always get in tuch with us, or we can simply move your post and / or topic if we feel it is in the wrong place and tell you where best to put it in future. This is not a punishable afence or anything, just a polite reminder of sorts. If you have any additional questions or comments about the rules, feel free to send an email to admin@cjm-productions.net or visit