Topic: Introduce yourself

Hello all.
If you wish, feel free to post here a little about who you are, what sort of things you do, etc.
I'll start this thread off with a little introduction of my own.
I'm currently 15, 16 in august. I enjoy more or less anything tech related and am, have always been, a huge gaming fanatic, at least in the audiogaming seen. I mostly like side scrollers, however I'll also acasionally play the odd fps, you may also find me on rs games and playroom now and then with the username DarfVader.
Right now i'm attempting to learn bgt, as well as a little python now and then but bgt is still my main language of choice when it comes to game creation.
Have a nice day, or eevning, or end of the world, or whatever or whenever it may be when you read this post.